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leading women to a lifestyle of disciplemaking!

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Melanie Newton
Welcome to my website!

For many years, I have been on a joyful walk with Jesus Christ, my Lord. He has given me opportunity to learn from Him as a women’s Bible study author, teacher, speaker, and disciplemaking trainer. Some of the fruit of my work is available on this website for you to use in your ministries.

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Lifestyle DiscipleMaking Training

My mission is to gather, equip and release women to follow Jesus Christ and pursue an active lifestyle of disciplemaking within their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and churches. Are you ready to become a disciplemaker?

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Free Bible Studies for Women

Grace-based. Thoughtful and insightful questions. Not too much, not too little.

Download the lessons in pdf format and make all the copies you need (see Copyright policy).

Online versions are available at, the highest-ranked online Bible study reference site.

  1. Graceful Beginnings: New Believers Guide

  2. Graceful Living: The Essentials of Living a Grace-Based Christian Life

  3. 7 Cs of a Firm Foundation: A Study Based on Genesis 1-11

  4. Everyday Women, Ever Faithful God: Old Testament Women

  5. Profiles of Perseverance: Old Testament Men

  6. Jesus, Lover of a Woman’s Soul: New Testament Women

  7. Radical Acts: Adventure with the Spirit from the Book of Acts 

  8. Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy: A Study of Philippians

  9. Healthy Living: A Study of Colossians

  10. Adorn Yourself with Godliness: A Study of 1 Timothy and Titus

  11. Perspective: A Study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians

  12. To Be Found Faithful: A Study of 2 Timothy

Women’s Retreat Speaker

Let my Texas-style down-to-earth wisdom, candor and joyful spirit energize your women's group and leave each woman inspired to live out her faith in fresh ways!

I promise that I am affordable. I will work with you and your event budget.

To request me as a speaker, email me. For a description of topics available, go to retreats. I will also be happy to work with you on a topic to meet your needs.

Check out what I believe and teach.

  1. The Walk from Fear to Faith — Lessons from selected Old Testament Women

  2. Pathways to a Joyful Walk — Lessons from Romans 5-6

  3. Lifestyle Disciplemaking — Equip women to fulfill their purpose

  4. Your Treasure Chest — Lessons from Ephesians

  5. Prepare by Instruction, Learn by Experience — Lessons from Elijah

  6. Jesus Loves Me — Lessons from selected New Testament Women

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