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Joyful Walk Bible Studies

by Melanie Newton


— Download and print —

Free Bible Studies for women—FREE to download and print for those not using it for commercial purposes (see our Copyright Policy). 

Why free? We see the need to get biblical materials into women’s hands as inexpensively as possible so more women can have the opportunity to get into God’s Word.

Each study guide follows the inductive method of Bible study (observation, interpretation, application) in a warm and inviting format. So, grab a cup of coffee, your Bible, and some friends as you explore God’s Word together with your Joyful Walk Bible Study.  

“I just love the way you lay out your questions. You make everything so easy to follow. I recently did your women of the Old Testament [Everyday Women, Ever Faithful God] and men of the Old Testament [Profiles of Perseverance] and enjoyed both thoroughly. I plan on doing all of your free online studies! With my husband out of work and a tight budget, it’s wonderful that you have given us this gift of your online studies. Thank you again so much for your faithfulness to others. Keep up the good work!“ (Linda)


Grace-Based Christian Living

Graceful Beginnings: New Believers Guide 

Begin your new life with confidence and joy!

7 Lessons

For new believers, using simple terminology to cover 7 topics: Assurance, Christ, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Community, Obedience, and Sharing Your Faith.

Designed for a discipler to have weekly “Together Sessions” with a new believer; includes a “Personal Discovery Guide” for a new believer to work through on her own during the week. A great disciplemaking resource.

Study details.

Graceful Beginnings New Believers Guide

Accessible online at

Follow up with “Graceful Living” 


Graceful Living

Experience a Life of Freedom and Joy!

11 Lessons

Covers the essentials of living a grace-based Christian life.

Discover who Christ is, what he has done for us on the cross, what his resurrection means for us, and our new identity and way of living in him—a life of freedom and joy!

This study answers many key questions, such as: What is God’s grace? Does God love me? What does it mean to live by the Spirit? Why do I still sin? How do I recognize legalism in my life? A great disciplemaking resource.

Study details and online media.

Graceful Living Bible Study for Women 

Accessible online at

For new believers: Graceful Beginnings


Women’s Old Testament Studies

The 7 Cs of a Firm Foundation

What We See in God’s World Agrees with What We Read in God’s Word

22 Lessons

Based on Genesis 1-11 regarding: Creation, Corruption (the Fall), Catastrophe (the Flood), Confusion (the Tower of Babel), Christ (Old Testament prophecies), Cross (Jesus’ fulfillment of prophecies), and Consummation (restoration of God’s creation).

Nearly every Biblical doctrine is based on Genesis 1-11. And, the theme of creation and restoration are consistent from the first book Genesis to the last book, Revelation. Knowing how the Bible ties everything together helps to build a firm foundation for your faith!

Study details and online media.

7Cs of a Firm Foundation Bible Study  


Accessible online at

See also “Creation Science Answers.”


Everyday Women, Ever Faithful God

The Walk from Fear to Faith

9 Lessons

Selected Old Testament women.  Coordinates with “The Walk from Fear to Faith” message series.

Coordinating children’s lessons also available below.

Journey alongside Sarah, Miriam, Rahab, and other Old Testament Women on their walk from fear to deeper faith in our amazing God. This Bible study of Old Testament Women will challenge and encourage you to discover and apply wonderful, timeless truths of God’s character to our modern, hectic lives.

Study details and online media.

Everyday Women Bible Study  

Accessible online at

Everyday Women Children's Lessons.pdf


Profiles Of Perseverance

Sustained by Hope in the Rough-and-Tumble of Real Life

13 Lessons — selected Old Testament men: Joseph, David, Elijah and Nehemiah -

View the lives of four Old Testament believers to see that only a sustained hope rooted in the faithfulness of God enables us to persevere faithfully throughout the rough-and-tumble of real life. Are you ready to develop perseverance in your life?!

Coordinating retreat messages on the life of Elijah.

Profiles of Perseverance Bible Study 

Accessible online at


Women’s New Testament Studies

New study!

Jesus, Lover of a Woman’s Soul

Experience Jesus’ Love and Care for Women

12 Lessons — selected Women of the New Testament

Jesus Christ treated women as no man had ever treated them before. His warmth, personal attention, tenderness, sound teaching, and compassion toward women were revolutionary.

Journey alongside some New Testament women as they experienced His love and care for them…

…the same love and care He offers to every woman today!

Study details and online media.

Jesus, Lover of a Woman’s Soul Study

Accessible online at


Radical Acts

Get Fired Up and Ready for Adventure!

14 Lessons

Study of the book of Acts

See the fire of the Spirit erupting through the lives of believers.

When you do this Acts Bible Study for women, expect God to get you fired up and ready for adventure!

Study details and online media.

Radical Acts Bible Study

Accessible online at

Audio messages - listen online


Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy

Are You Hungry for Joy in Your Life?

13 Lessons

Study of Philippians

This letter is a well-crafted expression of gratitude and joy. True joy is based on a saving relationship with God and in maintaining fellowship with Him.

The deeper our relationship with Jesus and with His people, the greater the joy that awaits us and the less that joy is dependent on external circumstances. Are you hungry for joy in your life? Know Jesus and know joy!

Knowing Jesus Knowing Joy Bible Study

Accessible online at


Healthy Living

Jesus Christ is above all powers and authorities, in all believers, and is all we need for earth and heaven!

12 Lessons

Study of Colossians

Genuine Christians can be deceived by false teaching, even teaching concerning Christ. Is there some concept that you have about Jesus Christ, salvation, or the Christian life that is not based on Scripture but on man-made tradition or philosophy? Will you give it up and accept the prescription for healthy living presented in God's Word—Jesus Christ is above all powers and authorities, in all believers, and is all we need for earth and heaven! Will you choose “healthy living?”

Healthy Living Bible Study

Accessible online at

Online media and message notes.


Adorn Yourself with Godliness

Dress, Act, and Be Like Christ — for Christ!

19 Lessons

Study of 1 Timothy and Titus

How could you be more beautiful than to adorn yourself with the very character of God so that your life displays the beliefs you claim to profess?!

Look in the mirror each morning and see who you really are, and then “dress” in such a way to let others see Jesus in you. In other words, learn to “wear Jesus comfortably.” After all, we are the Body of Christ!

Let’s approach our world every morning as we do our mirrors … getting ready to present His Body to an ugly world, desperately in need of adornment. “Dress,” act, and be like Him — for Him!

Adorn Yourself with Godliness Bible Study

Accessible online at

Online media and message notes.



Gaining a Proper Perspective of God, Ourselves, and the World in which We Live

12 Lessons

Study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians

When we gain a proper perspective of God, ourselves, and the world in which we live, we begin to serve our God with greater enthusiasm and growing freedom. There is then no limit to what can happen as God works in us and through us to impact our world. How is your perspective?

Perspective Bible Study

Accessible online at

Online media and message notes.


To Be Found Faithful

Making the Choice to Live Faithfully to Our God

9 Lessons

Study of 2 Timothy

Our God is a faithful God. He is consistently loyal to those whom He loves and who place their trust in Him. God desires that we also be faithful to Him—to be unwavering in belief and consistently loyal to Him—throughout our spiritual walk. And, our God is the One Who protects and preserves that which He has entrusted to us—He enables us to live faithfully as we choose to do so. Will you choose to be found faithful by your God each and every day?

To Be Found Faithful Bible Study

Accessible online at

Online media and message notes.


It is my joy to be able to provide free Bible studies for women and other free downloadable resources on this website. If you have enjoyed these resources, please consider making a donation to this ministry. Thank you!



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