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Lifestyle Disciplemaking Resources

Jesus Christ commissioned us to be disciplemakers in Matthew 28:18-19. He is the one who makes us ABLE to do this. Yes, you can do this! All you need is:

  1. 1)Encouragement (go through the Lifestyle Disciplemaking Training)

  2. 2)Resources (recommended resources and some free discipling resources to download from this page)

  3. 3)Dependence on the Holy Spirit inside you to make lifestyle disciplemaking possible for you!

Download Free Discipling Resources for Women

Though not all the following resources are designed specifically for women, I’ve chosen a variety of ones that women of different ages and stages of life might like.

Engage Nonbelievers

  1. “Pray and Watch” - Practice an “as-you-live-prayer” that will open your eyes to all that God is doing in the lives of the people all around you.” Inspired by Neal & Judy Brower.

  2. Download a Pray and Watch Bookmark to get you started.

  3. “John 3:16 Gospel” - Download a simple way to share the gospel using a familiar verse

  4. Sharing the Gospel Worksheet

  5. Download the graphics (adapted from Child Evangelism) for your mobile device — God Loves, God Gave, We Believe, We Receive.

Use this picture of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik as a conversation starter.

Work through the online video training at Register, choose “Personal Evangelism” and watch — especially Video #3.

  1. Download the notes here

  1. “Share Your Faith Story” - Be prepared to share your faith story in 10 minutes or less when the opportunity arises.

  2. Download the Faith Stories Worksheet here. Avoid using churchy words by following these Screen Your Language guidelines.

  3. Turn your 5-minute version into a “My Story” tract you can hand to someone. Follow the directions on this template. Here is Melanie's Story.


Plan an Outreach Event in Your Home

Homes of Light book
Use your home to reach your neighbors, co-workers or friends. Have a soup night. Throw a Pinterest party with everyone bringing a dish plus the recipe or a craft demonstration with supplies.

An excellent resource to help you plan a party with a spiritual emphasis is Homes of Light by Judie Colyer.                           

Freeset Global

Host an event to support women set free from human sex slavery. Organizations such as Free Set Global sell products made by those women; the proceeds go to keep them free and help others get free. Pre-order a few samples to display.


Establish New and Undiscipled Believers

Just the Basics…

Graceful Beginnings for New Believers
“Graceful Beginnings: New Believers Guide” Grace-based, for new believers, covers 7 topics: Assurance, Christ, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Community, Obedience, and Sharing Your Faith. Designed for a discipler to have weekly sessions with a new believer; includes a “Discovery Guide” for a new believer to work through on her own during the week.

Download Graceful Beginnings.

Follow up with “Graceful Living.” Also available on


Getting Started in Extreme Living
“Getting Started in Extreme Living” Covers 7 topics: Becoming a New Person in Christ, The Holy Spirit, Faith, The Bible, Prayer, Citizens of Heaven, Obedience and Living Life.

Download “Getting Started in Extreme Living” in English.

Also on See sidebar for a plain version without color and graphics.

Download “Extreme Living” in Spanish.  

For a plain version without color and graphics, go here.

Available in Spanish, French, Hindi, and Mandarin at


One to One Discipling
“One-to-One Discipling” by Al and Lorraine Broom (Multiplication Ministries). A 9-lesson study (Assurance of Salvation, Attributes of God, The Bible, Prayer, The Spirit-Filled Life, Fellowship, Witnessing, Temptation, and Obedience) for one person to disciple another.

Order this short book online (also in Spanish). Other language versions are available.

Lifestyle Disciple-Making enewsletter

Girl reading Bible
“New Believers Guide” from Short video explanations of 6 concepts (Knowing God, Life in the Spirit, Bible, Community, Prayer, and Sharing Your Faith) followed by text that restates the teaching. Access through desktop or mobile device. Very basic.

Download - “New Believers Guide” script.

Lifestyle Disciple-Making enewsletter

Essentials from Grace Bible
“Bridges on the Journey” from Six lessons designed for women (God’s invitation, relationship with Jesus, believing the Bible, experiencing transformation, life in community, and sharing my faith).

Download a sample of the contents here.

Order this short book online.  

“Eyewitness: the Life of Christ Told in One Story” from A good resource for everyone to get to know the life of Christ well.

Eyewitness compiles the information from the Gospels and hundreds of other Bible verses into one chronological story. As you read this account, you can walk with Jesus, hear his voice, watch what he does and discover the joy of following him.

Next Steps… 

“Graceful Living” by Melanie Newton (Joyful Walk Bible Studies). For women. Discover who Christ is, what he has done for us on the cross, what his resurrection means for us, and our new identity and way of living in him—a life of freedom and joy! This study is for women who have been believers for some time but have not been rooted in the essential truths of the Christian faith.

Free download - “Graceful Living Bible Study for Women”.

For detailed description, go here. Also available online at

“Essentials” from Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX. 10 lessons covering the fundamental beliefs and practices of the Christian faith, presenting biblical answers to life's most important questions, including "Who is our God?", "How can we be saved?", "How shall we then live?" and many others. Especially attractive to college students and young adults.

Download “Essentials”.

“Launching Multipliers” from Ministry Catalysts. For anyone. 18 lessons covering the foundations of the faith, spiritual growth and reaching out to others in disciplemaking.

Download “Launching Multipliers”.

3 Common Traits of Youth Who DON’T Leave the Church

by Jon Nielson, college pastor College Church, Wheaton, IL  

Training youth to be disciplemakers is one of them!

Read the article online.           Download as a pdf.

Equip for Ministry

  1. “The 5 C’s of Small Group Leadership” Handbook — See Leader Training” for more description.

  2. Download “5 C’s of Leadership”. Also available on

  3. Free Online Spiritual Gifts assessment

  4. Free Online Behavioral Tendencies assessment

  5. “Training Engagers” — Intentionally train engagers for your events where unchurched women might attend. Someone recently asked me what that kind of training would look like. So, I put together a suggested process for training engagers at your church named simply, “Training Engagers.”
  6. If you do train some engagers this year, email me to let me know how my suggestions helped you. And, please share with me what you added to the training. I value your feedback that I can share with other churches.

  7.  Download “Training Engagers” 

  1. “The DiscipleMaking Ministry Guide for Women in Leadership” — A resource for ministry leaders to use in transitioning women from traditional discipleship-oriented activities to a disciplemaking lifestyle. Order this manual from Next Step Resources. Then, invite me to lead a…

  1. “Transition to Disciplemaking Workshop” — You want to encourage disciplemaking among your women, but your ministry team has traditionally been event-driven with one person overseeing Bible studies, another overseeing the retreat, etc. Invite me to lead a workshop to help reorganize your ministry team with a greater focus on disciplemaking, using the 4 Es from the Lifestyle Disciplemaking Training.

“Lifestyle Disciplemaking” Newsletter

Sign up for the free Lifestyle Disciplemaking Enewsletter and get encouraged every month as you engage nonbelievers and establish believers. Get past issues here.






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